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  • Baby Dragon Castle

    Some say dragons live in caves and horde their treasure. People also believe dragons breathe fire and shouldn’t be messed with. But, look at this cute little friend. How dangerous could this baby dragon be?

    And what about the castle? It must be a fun and magical place if a baby dragon lives there. Your artists could draw the castle where this little friend lives.

  • Chillin’ Cheetah

    Sometimes cheetahs run fast and sometimes they chill out. But when they do run, they can run very fast. We’re talking 58 mph (93.3 km/h) and some have been recorded at speeds of up to 75 mph (120.7 km/h). That’s as fast as a car on the freeway!

    Right now, this cheetah is just chillin’ because it’s Friday! Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.

  • Robot Circus

    While the word “circus” originates in ancient Rome, the creation of what we think of as a circus is attributed to Philip Astley. He began performing with horses in 1768 along the Thames River in London. That’s 250 years ago!

    The first flying trapeze act was created by Frenchman, Jules Léotard in 1859. Mr. Léotard would wear very tight clothing while performing and that’s why we often call tights and gymnast onezies, leotards!

    What circus act would your artists like to perform?


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