Creature Coloring

Squawky Parrot

I think parrots are great! They are beautiful, highly intelligent creatures with distinct personalities. Did you know that many of the 372 species of parrots live as long as humans?! Can you imagine a grandmother parrot? I wonder what funny things they would say to their grandchildren parrots.

It has been comforting to think about every other creature on this planet living out their lives; doing what they normally do. Whales swimming. Birds flying. Cows grazing. Additionally, I’ve been thinking about how much our parents, grandparents and great grandparents faced in their lives, and yet persevered; war, disease, crippling social injustice.

Maybe we can let go and let live while cherishing our moment in the sun.

Have a happy Monday, friends. I’m pretty sure Mondays are still a thing.