Creature Coloring

Robot Mechanic

I really like robots (yeah, we know, it’s in the name). More specifically, I really like robots with personality. Of course, Star Wars was a big influence especially C-3PO with his dark and comical “We’re doomed” attitude. But there are lot’s of other robot characters which have impacted how a portray my robots. Here’s a few of the big ones for me.

There’s the two floating robots, V.i.n.c.e.n.t. and Bob, from Disney’s, The Black Hole. By far, Bob (the busted up one on the left) is my favorite movie robot of all time. Their eyes were a major influence on how I draw my robots.

Do you remember the robot dog/bear, Muffit, from the original Battlestar Galactica series? Apparently, that was a chimp in a suit during filming, which sounds awful. But, when I was a kid it just looked like a faithful friend.

And finally, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit (shown here with co-star Ally Sheedy). The anthropomorphizing of Johnny 5 really hit me what I was a kid. Johnny 5 is alive!

What are some of your favorite robot characters? Maybe your artists can draw one their favorites.