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The backstory

I started these daily coloring sheets when the quarantine began in March. I wanted to help my sister (at home with triplets, age 6) and remain connected with my niece and nephews. Back then, kids were only going to be home for 6 weeks. Remember that?

So, every weekday from March 16, 2020 until April 24, 2020 I created and published a new creature every weekday for anyone to download, print and color.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might need it.

  • Fry Bot

    One of the things I’ve been craving during the quarantine is hot, crispy french fries brought right to my table. And tater tots. I love tater tots. The store-bought frozen, oven potatoes just don’t cut it.

    What if there was a robot that makes the fried potato of our choice with no clean up and no effort on our part? We can dream, can’t we? In fact, I love the idea so much I made a t-shirt of it. You can pick one up right now for $17.

    Today is the last daily Creature Coloring Sheet. Thank you so much for participating in this 6-week journey with me. I hope it brought some joy. All the best to you and your family.

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  • BONUS: Ahsoka Tano

    Ahsoka Tano is definitely my favorite character in the Star Wars canon. Here is a bonus coloring sheet of Ahsoka in Animal Monster Robot style by request.

  • Forest Friends

    I love to draw subtle expressions on my characters and create moments of interaction in which the viewer is let in on a little secret. I try to set up a scene and allow the audience to fill in the blanks; like a window to another world.

    After coloring in the scene, maybe your artists could write a story based on this image.

  • You’re Whale-come

    Whales are among my favorite animals on earth, especially the Humpback whale. Their communication songs are beautiful and they have several “bests” of the animal kingdom.

    For example, their seasonal migration is farther than any animal on Earth. Serious swimming. And, their flippers can grow up to 16 ft (5 meters) long…that’s the longest appendage of any living thing on the planet! Imagine having 16 ft arms!

    Mother and baby Humpbacks often touch flippers, which is thought to be for reassurance and possibly to show affection. How cute!

    I wonder what it would be like to talk to a Humpback whale. I’m not sure what I’d say. I guess I’d start with, “Hello.”

  • Robot Mechanic

    I really like robots (yeah, we know, it’s in the name). More specifically, I really like robots with personality. Of course, Star Wars was a big influence especially C-3PO with his dark and comical “We’re doomed” attitude. But there are lot’s of other robot characters which have impacted how a portray my robots. Here’s a few of the big ones for me.

    There’s the two floating robots, V.i.n.c.e.n.t. and Bob, from Disney’s, The Black Hole. By far, Bob (the busted up one on the left) is my favorite movie robot of all time. Their eyes were a major influence on how I draw my robots.

    Do you remember the robot dog/bear, Muffit, from the original Battlestar Galactica series? Apparently, that was a chimp in a suit during filming, which sounds awful. But, when I was a kid it just looked like a faithful friend.

    And finally, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit (shown here with co-star Ally Sheedy). The anthropomorphizing of Johnny 5 really hit me what I was a kid. Johnny 5 is alive!

    What are some of your favorite robot characters? Maybe your artists can draw one their favorites.

  • Monster Drummer

    I’m kicking off the final week of Creature Coloring Sheets with a sneak preview of a picture book project I’ve been working on for the last couple months. It’s in the early stages, relatively speaking. I don’t have an agent, a publisher, or even a release date. But, I think it’s good and funny…and I think kids will like it.

    The project has been a leap of faith because spending so much time and energy on something you care about, with no guarantee of success, is a challenge at best. But, isn’t the true success finding something to actually care about?

    It’s so easy to get distracted by how long something takes, or the self doubt, or the excuses. It happens to me all the time. But those distractions are created by the mind. They don’t actually exist. When we believe in something, those things don’t matter. They can’t matter.

    What matters is sharing something you love with others.

  • Frog on a Toadstool

    After drawing this, I looked up the difference between a frog and a toad. Turns out, there are some distinct differences.

    For example, frogs usually have damp skin. While toads usually have dry bumpy skin. Frogs are usually found near water and toads can live in more arid conditions. Frogs often have webbed toes, while toads generally don’t.

    However, probably my favorite distinguishing trait is that frog species can be much more colorful than toads. Perfect for coloring!

  • Giant Robot Friend

    Who wouldn’t want to ride on the shoulders of a giant robot and stroll across the countryside? I totally would. It would be so cool to see for miles and miles, just following the horizon.

    Where would your artists want their giant robot friend to take them?

  • Sea Monster

    I lived in Scotland for about a year as a child and I was captivated by the myth of the Loch Ness Monster. When we visited Loch Ness and I remember feeling certain I was going to see Nessie. I wanted so desperately to believe in some kind of magic even though, at the ripe old age of 8, I was already a skeptic and wise to the world (or so I thought).

    For those of us who feel battle-hardened by life, it can be tough to open up ourselves to the magic of the moment. I think that’s one of the many opportunities we have before us; the chance to reconnect with now since tomorrow holds many uncertainties.

    So, maybe we let a little Nessie into our life from time to time.

  • Butterflies in the Sky

    “Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, it’s in a book. A reading rainbow.”

    Do those lyrics sound familiar? It’s from the Reading Rainbow TV show theme. Did you know Reading Rainbow won 26 Emmy Awards? I just found that out on the show’s Wiki page while making sure I got the lyrics correct.

    That theme song would fill me with so much joy as a kid because I knew the next half hour was going to be safe and nice. Hopefully that feeling translates into today’s free-flying butterflies.

  • Rocket Robot Princess

    Here’s another one of those creations where I used three words to guide me.

    First, I was doodling last week and drew a robot with rocket feet. Pretty cool, let’s go with Rocket.

    Second, Robot, because in the sequence of drawing an animal, a monster and a robot, it’s robot day. That one was easy.

    And last but not least, Princess. I didn’t want to draw just another male-looking robot and what fun would it be if there were Princesses in robot society.

    Four weeks of Creature Coloring down and two more to go. Thanks to all for participating!

  • 3-Headed Grendle Draap

    The 3-Headed Grendle Draap is a creature with a lot of personality. Three personalities to be precise. Everyday the struggle continues as each one tries to eat the delicious bramble berry fruit they love so much.

    Just as one is about to take a bite, one of the others reaches for their own mouthful and pulls the others away. If only they would cooperate so everyone could have what they need.

    While coloring this sheet, maybe your artists could think of different ways the 3-Headed Grendle Draap could work together so each of its three heads could have a bite of bramble berry.

  • Plain Ol’ Ostrich

    No puns or goofs today, just a plain ol’ Ostrich. But, y’know, Ostriches are pretty cool. They haven’t changed much in centuries and they have a lot of character.

    Imagine being one of the very few birds that can’t fly. Talk about FOMO.

  • Robot Panda

    Ok, I’ll admit the robot panda is a little weird. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Westworld, but I started thinking about what zoos might be like in the future. Maybe they will be more virtual reality, rather than robot facsimile.

    Pandas are a vulnerable species and their numbers are dwindling due in large part to habitat loss and habitat fragmentation (read human impact). It is hard to think about the other challenges in the world when we’re facing such an immediate crisis.

    Sometimes we have to focus inward, stay healthy and gather strength so we can have the energy to tackle the big challenges in life. Go easy on yourself and gather strength.

    Now that’s a Wednesday kind of message.

  • Grouchy Griffin

    As monsters go, a Griffin isn’t all that scary…ferocious, yes. But scary? Maybe more wondrous, rather than scary. Unless, of course, it is a Grouchy Griffin. In which case, we might have something to worry about.

    I love mythical creatures that are essentially two animals combined. I just imagine ancient cultures sitting around fantasizing about what animals might be cool together, then naming them. Certainly, there’s more to the symbolism but still…there’s something very Napoleon Dynamite about it.

    Have the best Tuesday possible!

  • Squawky Parrot

    I think parrots are great! They are beautiful, highly intelligent creatures with distinct personalities. Did you know that many of the 372 species of parrots live as long as humans?! Can you imagine a grandmother parrot? I wonder what funny things they would say to their grandchildren parrots.

    It has been comforting to think about every other creature on this planet living out their lives; doing what they normally do. Whales swimming. Birds flying. Cows grazing. Additionally, I’ve been thinking about how much our parents, grandparents and great grandparents faced in their lives, and yet persevered; war, disease, crippling social injustice.

    Maybe we can let go and let live while cherishing our moment in the sun.

    Have a happy Monday, friends. I’m pretty sure Mondays are still a thing.

  • Robot Collage

    I enjoyed drawing yesterday’s Monster Collage so much, that I decided to do a Robot Collage for today’s coloring sheet. When drawing a lot of characters at one time, I use a technique to help create variety. I select a few features to change as I draw each individual.

    In this drawing, the characteristics I chose to play with is mobility, eye placement, and body shape. As I go along, I take one characteristic from the previous character and changed the other two characteristics to create variety.

    It’s a fun practice to create continuity and variety in a body of work.

    Happy Friday! Friday’s are still a think right?

  • Monster Collage

    Something different today: a whole bunch of little monsters all together on one coloring sheet! It’s so fun to let your mind go and just doodle. The only instruction I gave myself is, “draw as many different cute little monsters as you can!” Then, I went for it!

    This is a fun activity to share with your artists. Doodling is a way for the mind to relax within a simple task. The most important part of doodling is not stressing about the outcome. Doodling is not about making a masterpiece. Rather, it’s about allowing the creative self to come alive without judgement.

    You don’t have to be perfect every time. There’s always another sheet of paper to fill up!

  • Hippo and Friends

    Whenever I see birds on the back of a hippo it makes me wonder, do the birds think they are taking the bus? Or, do they use the hippo as a meeting place, like a coffee shop?

    The truth is the birds eat bugs off the backs of the hippos. Which isn’t quite as funny as a hippo bus or a hippo coffee shop.

    Can your artists think of other animals who hang out together? Now, that would be a fun drawing challenge!

  • Black Belt Robot

    Whoa! Easy there, robot. It takes a lot of practice to do martial arts and it is not a skill to be used lightly. One of the most important parts of martial arts, like Karate, is flexibility.

    How limber are your artists? Can they touch their toes? Can they stretch their hands so high in the sky? Can they stretch their arms out so wide? That’s good! Keep stretching!

  • Baby Dragon Castle

    Some say dragons live in caves and horde their treasure. People also believe dragons breathe fire and shouldn’t be messed with. But, look at this cute little friend. How dangerous could this baby dragon be?

    And what about the castle? It must be a fun and magical place if a baby dragon lives there. Your artists could draw the castle where this little friend lives.

  • Chillin’ Cheetah

    Sometimes cheetahs run fast and sometimes they chill out. But when they do run, they can run very fast. We’re talking 58 mph (93.3 km/h) and some have been recorded at speeds of up to 75 mph (120.7 km/h). That’s as fast as a car on the freeway!

    Right now, this cheetah is just chillin’ because it’s Friday! Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.

  • Robot Circus

    While the word “circus” originates in ancient Rome, the creation of what we think of as a circus is attributed to Philip Astley. He began performing with horses in 1768 along the Thames River in London. That’s 250 years ago!

    The first flying trapeze act was created by Frenchman, Jules Léotard in 1859. Mr. Léotard would wear very tight clothing while performing and that’s why we often call tights and gymnast onezies, leotards!

    What circus act would your artists like to perform?

  • Bloop Blorp

    The oceans on Earth are very deep. In fact, the deepest point is called the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. It is 36,070 ft (10,994 meters) below the surface of the ocean. Now, that’s seriously deep.

    I love to imagine what kinds of undiscovered creatures might live in those depths. Like this Bloop Blorp, for example. Why not ask your artists to draw an imaginary deep sea creature of their own!

  • Gorilla Family

    Tuesdays mornings are tough days regardless of what’s happening in the world. I mean, sure, you beat Monday already. But, tomorrow is Wednesday. Yuck. Then, there’s still two more days until Saturday. Maybe we should throw out the calendar and everyday is just a new day to sit in the grass and smile. Anyway, baby Gorillas are cute. It’s an undeniable fact.

  • Visiting Robot

    If a robot visited your house, what would be the first thing you asked? I would ask: What size shoes do you wear? Do robots wear shoes? Do you prefer sandals? Maybe it’s just me who is interested in robot footwear.

  • Unimonster

    What if you went to the park and met a friendly monster with one horn? What games would you play? Maybe soccer or tennis? Or, maybe just chill in the grass and stare at clouds? I’ve heard monsters like to do that.

  • Chameleon

    There are over 200 species of Chameleon, almost half of which live only on the island of Madagascar. Most Chameleons can change the color of their skin using two layers of skin. One layer with pigments and another layer containing crystals that change the reflection of light, which changes the color of the skin. What color is this Chameleon?

  • Robots like flowers?

    This robot is really getting a buzz from picking flowers. What kinds of flowers grow on other planets? Would they be red? Or purple? Or sparkly?

  • Stegophants

    Stegophants are an ancient, mythical creature. Part Elephant and part Stegosaurus, Stegophants were silly and playful. Try to imagine the sound a Stegophant would make.

  • Giraffes

    Did you know giraffes are the tallest land animal, reaching heights of 18 feet (5.5 meters)? That’s almost as tall as a two story house!